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Ακρωτήρια από αρχαία οικοδομήματα. (EL)

A series of five cornice ornaments in marble, of the joint tiles or ribs of roofs, of the kind termed ectypa

Αρχαιότητες – Τέχνη (EL)
Αττική (EL)
Αρχιτεκτονική - Οικιστικό περιβάλλον (EL)
Ελλάδα (EL)
Αθήνα (EL)

INWOOD, Henry William. The Erechtheion at Athens. Fragments of Athenian Architecture and a few Remains in Attica Megara and Epirus, Illustrated with outline plates and a descriptive historical view combining also under the divisions Cadmeia Homeros and Herodotos the origin of Temples and of Grecian Art of the periods preceding, Λονδίνο, James Carpenter and Son, Josiah Taylor, Priestley and Weale, M.DCCC.XXVII [=1827].

Αθήνα Αττική Ελλάδα (EL)



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