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Byzantine hymnography and Byzantine chant

A theology of beauty and poetry

The Cretan School of Icon-Making

The Cretan Renaissance

Ancient lamps

Lighting the ancient world

The Generation of the '30s

Avant-Garde intellectuals of the Inter-War period

Greek folk costumes

A journey in folk Greek local costumes


The story of the Greek urban working class music

The art of print making in modern Greece

The artists who shaped modern engraving in Greece

Protests, demonstrations, marches

A century of democratic disobedience through archival photographs, artworks and documents

item of the day

Religious visual works | 1527

Strelitzas-Bathas Theofanis

Description:Katholikon of Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery (narthex)

Institution:  Institute of Historical Research (IHR/NHRF)

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