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The art of print making in modern Greece

The artists who shaped modern engraving in Greece

Olympic Games and Philosophy

Olympic Memorabilia

Greek War of Independence in art

Τhe Greek War of Independence through works by Greek and philhellene artists of the 19th century.

Feminism in Greece

200 years of women's rights struggle in Greece

Greek Customs: 190 years of history

The history of the modern Greek state through its’ customs service

The Great Indoors

The poetics of indoor space in modern Greek painting

Children's Portraits

Child Photography at the turn of the Century

Thessaloniki, a multicultural metropolis

Discover 130 years spanning the end of the Ottoman Empire and its integration in the modern Greek state

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Collection: Delphic Collection
Photo | 1930

Ασπρόμαυρη φωτογραφία απο την περιφορά του του Άγγελου και της Εύας Σικελιανου στο Αρχαίο Στάδιο των Δελφών πάνω σε ασπίδα με ηθοποιούς και συμμετέχοντες στο καλλιτεχνικό πρόγραμμα των Β' Δελφικών Εορτών 1930

Institution:  Τhe European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD)

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