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Archaeological object, Sculpture | 442 - 438 B.C.

These blocks have not survived. A fragment of the subject represented has been recognised from Carrey’s drawings, even though it is not entirely clear. Four figures are depicted (107-110), himation clad and holding rectangular objects identified by most as cithara sounding-boards, by analogy with the citharists on the north side. Others have suggested that they carry pinakes or plaques, either votives or inscribed with the proceedings of the Athenian archons. In this case, the pinakophoroi (tablet- or plaque-bearers) would be registrars or stewards who render accounts, a matter that coincided with the Panathenaia. The theme of the pinakophoroi has nothing comparable on the north side, despite the analogies of scene existing between the two long sides. One of the three blocks was removed during mediaeval times in order to make way for a window in the Christian church. A fragment preserving the head of a skaphephoros (tray-bearer) (130) has been attributed to these blocks.

Institution:  Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA)

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