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Thessaloniki, a multicultural metropolis

Discover 130 years spanning the end of the Ottoman Empire and its integration in the modern Greek state

Delphic Festivals

An attempt to revive the Delphic Ideals

Greek Customs: 190 years of history

The history of the modern Greek state through its’ customs service

Seascape painting

Seascapes and beaches in modern Greek painting

The world of archaeological digs

100 years of archaeological excavations in Greece in photographs


Mythological iconography from antiquity to present day

Stage and costume design in modern Greek theater

100 years of scenography in modern Greek theater

Byzantine jewelry

The incomparable art of Byzantine jewelry

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Heraldic motif | 1373

Historical Notice: Genoese family of merchants and corsaires who became lords of Lesvos (1355-1462) and eventually extended their rule over Ainos (1376/1379-1456), Palaia Phocaea (1402/1404-1455), Thasos (1419/1428-1455), Samothraki (1431-1456), Limnos (1453-1456) and Imbros (1453-1456). This particular heraldic monument, posed above a gate of the castle of Mytilini, includes a crowned eagle, the Paleologus monogram, the Gattilusi arms and a latin inscription dated 1373. The presence of the Paleologus monogram is considered as symbolizing the relations between Gattilusio and the imperial family of Paleologus.

Institution:  Institute of Historical Research (IHR/NHRF)

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