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Byzantine hymnography and Byzantine chant

A theology of beauty and poetry


The story of the Greek urban working class music

Heritage trades

Peddlers and hawkers of the past

Ancient lamps

Lighting the ancient world

The Balkan Wars

Prelude to the First World War

The Asia Minor Campaign

The 1921-1922 Greco-turkish war through photographs, maps and communications records

Greek refugees after the Greco-Turkish War

Refugees from Asia Minor in Greece after the Greco-Turkish War

Greek folk costumes

A journey in folk Greek local costumes

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Heraldic motif | 1376 - 1396

Historical Notice: Spanish feudal house from Zaragoza, including various military, diplomatic and political officials of the Kingdom of Aragon. The two coats-of-arms presented here (on the left and on the right), surrounding the cross, emblem of the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, belong to the diplomat, writer and Grand Master of the Order, Juan Fernández de Heredia.

Institution:  Institute of Historical Research (IHR/NHRF)

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