The Public Benefit Organization of Kavala, with the designation ‘Dimofelia’, consists of 6 Departments: Cultural, Sports & Education, Cultural Tourism & Communication, Real Estate, Development & Environment, Administration & Financial Management. Dimofelia deals with a wide range of activities related to tourism, sports, preparation and implementation of National or European projects, implementation of educational and training programmes etc. Moreover, part of the responsibilities of Dimofelia is the management of several municipal and other organizations such as the Municipal Tourist Information Centre, the Municipal Market, the Municipal Mud Baths, the Centre of Creative Activities for children with disabilities, the Castle of the Old Town of Kavala, the Municipal Dance School etc.

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The digital library “Acropolis of Kavala” was created under the action, entitled “Acropolis of Kavala: From Byzantium to the 21st Century: Digital reconstruction and experiential tour”, which was included in the operational program “Digital Convergence” of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping. The digital library offers users a versatile cultural and educational experience through an integrated virtual interactive representation system, online knowledge portal and promotion of the Acropolis of Kavala. “Acropolis of Kavala” includes texts, publications from scientific symposiums, public documents, engravings, indexing and audiovisual material to document the historical and timeless value of the Acropolis of Kavala.

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