The European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD) was established in 1977 as a private legal entity, under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and under the auspices of the Council of Europe, in order to create in Delphi a centre for European culture and civilization. The cultural and educational activities are composed from: International symposia and conferences, Artistic Activities : exhibitions, theatre, music, dance etc, Meetings for Young Artists such as Training programs for young artists and students, Seminars on ancient Greek language and civilization, Student Debate Contests, programs for Secondary School students etc. The EDDC located at Delphi, where, there are, Conference Centre (conference halls, exhibition and workshop spaces, library, offices), an Open-air theatre, a Guesthouse and a Sculpture Park. In Athens, there is the Head Office.

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The digital "Delphic Collection" of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi consists of three distinct parts: -An art collection with murals, sculptures, prints and photographic works, all created specifically for Delphi by prestigious Greek and foreign artists, mostly the generation of '60 -70, and currently exhibited in the Sculpture Park, the Conference Centre of Delphi and the Athens Head office. -All exhibits of the Museum of Delphic Festivals, associated with Angelos and Eva Sikelianos and the Delphic Festivals of 1927 and 1930 as well as rare books from the Sicilianos' library in Delphi - Photographs of the activities of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi and the original designs of the architects of the Conference Centre of Delphi, Costas Kitsikis and Anthonis Lambakis. Through the "Delphic Collection" users may access a rich cultural heritage of contemporary Greek civilization

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