The Agrinio Municipal Gallery was founded in 2013 and is based in the beautiful neoclassical building that used to house the director of the National Bank of Greece, during the days when the Tobacco industry was flourishing in the city. Its artistic director, Christos Garoufalis played a pivotal role in mobilizing local creators, heirs and collectors for the development of this important intellectual regional locus.

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The Agrinio Municipal Gallery’s collection comprises 160 works of art, mainly paintings, but also engravings, sculpture and photography, from renowned and newer Greek artists and is representative of the Greek post-war artistic production. Part of its mission is to promote the work of local artists with routes in the Aitoloakarnania region.

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2D Graphics (157), Painting (84), Engraving (31), Mixed media work of art (19), Sketch (16), Drawing (16), 3D Αrtefacts and Realia (8), Sculpture (7), Photo (6), Print (3)