The Public Central Library of Serres was founded in 1952 with a common Ministerial decision of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Finance that was published in issue II of the Newspaper of the Government (No 72/27-3-1952). Its operation is conditioned by the provisions of A.N 1362/1949 and Law 415/1976.

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Welcome to the e-stories chestbox! It is a digital repository of the Central Public Library of Serres that collects oral everyday stories of common people concerning the local history. We invite all citizens of the perfecture of Serres to come and share with us and the rest of the world their personal story. An important event of their childhood, their everyday life, customs and traditions, fairytales, games, proffessions, legends of the past, even stories of love and human relations. The main scope of our chestbox is to save an unrecorded cultural heritage. Most of the stories are in video form, but the collection also consists of sound recordings, images and documents.

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