Thematic exhibition

The Great Indoors

The poetics of indoor space in modern Greek painting
No title,  Χρυσοχόου Σίσσυ, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 GR
Frissiras Museum

Home, our domicile, can mean different things to different people. Enclosure, isolation, security, warmth, family or loneliness are some of the emotions we feel when we think of the "indoors". For artists, it is a springboard of inspiration, a place where the everyday environment, our familiar habitats, our things and our routine are inextricably linked to our experiences, as Gaston Bachelard wrote in his 1858 book “La Poétique de l'Espace ”(The poetry of space).

In this exhibition you can explore works by modern Greek painters from where they negotiate room and house interiors. Starting with the generation of the 30s, Moralis, Ghikas and Bouzianis, the exhibition showcases works by contemporary artists too. Sometimes these artists are clearly inspired by the architecture of the space, while at times they paint its symbolism: the antithesis of inside and outside, the private and the public, enclosure and freedom. Often the interior is a stage where private acts take place, routine or not, and, as a backdrop, it functions by dramatizing and underlining the human element. Even personal objects, painted as Still Lives or a table, set with food, become poetic symbols for human presence. Or its absence.