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1526 (EN)
Άκρα Ταπείνωση, Σεραφείμ και διάκονοι (EL)
The Man of Sorrows, serapheim and deacons (EN)

Γεώργιος (3) (EL)
Georgios (3) (EN)

Στοιχείο: Πρωτάτο (EL)
Description:Protato (EN)
Description:Athos (EN)
Notes:He is mentioned in an inscription at the sanctuary of the chapel of Prodromos at Protato. He is most probably the painter of the frescoes of the chapel, since the donors are mentioned in another inscription. (EN)

Έργο τέχνης (EL)
Work of art (EN)

Αγιογραφία (EL)
Hagiography (EN)

1526 (EN)


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