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Χριστός Παντοκράτωρ (Τρούλλος) (EL)
Christ Pantokrator (Dome) (EN)

Κύπριος (Zuane) Ιωάννης (Ciprioto) (EL)
Kyprios (Ciprioto) Ioannis (Zuane) (EN)

Στοιχείο: Άγιος Γεώργιος των Ελλήνων (τρούλλος) (EL)
Description:Venice (EN)
Notes:The paintings are organized in three zones. In the first zone Christ Pantokrator, the Big Deesis and celestial powers are depicted. In the second zone the twelve Apostles with angels are depicted. In the third zone sixteen full-length prophets are depicted. (EN)
Description:Saint George of the Greeks (dome) (EN)

Έργο τέχνης (EL)
Work of art (EN)

Αγιογραφία (EL)
Hagiography (EN)

1589 (EN)
1590 (EN)


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