The American Farm School nurtures the minds that feed the world. It is the premier institution in southeastern Europe for education and research in agriculture, food systems, environmental studies and other life sciences related to our sustainable future. Founded in 1904 by enlightened American educators, the School continues to apply its hallmark “learn by doing” approach to educate students of all ages. Divisions include the Elementary School of Environmental Education, High School, and Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences. The School’s campus farm—producing premium milk, yogurt, Omega-3 eggs, turkeys, wine and more—serves as a living laboratory for hands-on education and applied research. The School’s extensive scholarship program provides promising young men and women with an unparalleled education that leads to productive careers and sustainable communities.

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This repository features digital resources such as photographs and other media which have historical significance for the American Farm School and the wider region of the Balkans

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