Thematic exhibitions

Explore the stories that emerge through collections.
Thematic Exhibitions are smaller or larger sets of records that tell a story, grouped thematically and conceptually. The thematic exhibitions highlight the range and variety of history, arts, archaeology, social and science topics that you can explore at By aggregating and semantically linking open access digital content from different Greek institutions, offers a single search environment in the digital cultural public space.
Ancient lamps

Lighting the ancient world

Byzantine hymnography and Byzantine chant

A theology of beauty and poetry

Byzantine jewelry

The incomparable art of Byzantine jewelry

Children's Portraits

Child Photography at the turn of the Century

Delphic Festivals

An attempt to revive the Delphic Ideals


Traditional home crafts, textiles and embroidery

Feminism in Greece

200 years of women's rights struggle in Greece

Greek Caverns

Caves form part of our rich natural heritage

Greek Customs: 190 years of history

The history of the modern Greek state through its’ customs service

Greek folk costumes

A journey in folk Greek local costumes

Greek refugees after the Greco-Turkish War

Refugees from Asia Minor in Greece after the Greco-Turkish War

Greek War of Independence in art

Τhe Greek War of Independence through works by Greek and philhellene artists of the 19th century.

Heritage trades

Peddlers and hawkers of the past

Karagiozis, shadow puppet theatre

Shadow puppet theatre, an all time favorite folk tradition


Mythological iconography from antiquity to present day

Olympic Games and Philosophy

Olympic Memorabilia

Protests, demonstrations, marches

A century of democratic disobedience through archival photographs, artworks and documents


The story of the Greek urban working class music

Seascape painting

Seascapes and beaches in modern Greek painting

Stage and costume design in modern Greek theater

100 years of scenography in modern Greek theater

The art of print making in modern Greece

The artists who shaped modern engraving in Greece

The Asia Minor Campaign

The 1921-1922 Greco-turkish war through photographs, maps and communications records

The Balkan Wars

Prelude to the First World War

The Cretan School of Icon-Making

The Cretan Renaissance

The Generation of the '30s

Avant-Garde intellectuals of the Inter-War period

The Great Indoors

The poetics of indoor space in modern Greek painting

Theophrastos Sakellaridis

Discover the musical scores of the great composer of the Greek operetta

Thessaloniki, a multicultural metropolis

Discover 130 years spanning the end of the Ottoman Empire and its integration in the modern Greek state

The world of archaeological digs

100 years of archaeological excavations in Greece in photographs

World War II Photography

The War, German Occupation, Resistance, Liberation